The transmission will be cut off. You can set the following monitoring settings. Closed Communication When closed communication is set, fax messages are transmitted and received between Muratec machines only excluding some models. Optional sheet cassette can be added to achieve the maximum paper capacity of 1,sheets. Set the distribution information. Change the number or name of the document.

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Exporting Destination to an External File You can export the selected destination to an external file.

Page Enter the automatic logout time, and press [Enter]. Symptom Cause Countermeasure The image is slanted Muratec mfx 2570 document muratec mfx 2570 murtec loaded Load the document correctly. Printing Documents You can print scanned documents and received documents on the machine. Press [Preferred DNS server]. Key Descriptions In this manual, the operating keys are described as follows: Click the list button to select a color.

You can click muratec mfx 2570 auto distribution settings. Page 27 Press [List]. The displayed documents are the same for all users. Using Infomonitor Using InfoMonitor You can use InfoMonitor to view the event history and preview, print or download the mmfx related to an event.

– Overview-MFX Features

Faxing Highlights -Route inbound muratec mfx 2570 documents to another fax location, e-mail address muratec mfx 2570 PC folder.

Press [OFF] to disable the destination confirmation function. For details, refer to the Archive If you set an archive destination, it is displayed in the list on the right.

Your drum needs to be replaced soon. Click a transmission destination registration button. Check the specified settings, and click [Send]. Setting User Authentication The screens are of Windows Vista.

A copy of the muratec mfx 2570 is created. The forwarding setting is saved. Select a destination from the address book, and click [Fax] or [To]. Specify the archive settings.

Function Protect Settings Function Protect Settings You can use the administrator password to manage various functions. Changing the default values of often-used functions can shorten the time required muratec mfx 2570 adjust settings. If you perform a login, you can use the following functions.


Enter the IP address of the subnet mask, and press muratec mfx 2570. Page Position the object in a location of your choice. User Name Displays the name of the user to notify of events.

Select the checkbox of the category name you want to copy. Perform cleaning at regular intervals.

Muratec MFX-2570 Administrator’s Manual

Up to 32 characters can be entered. The other machine status items that are displayed are indicated below. Page 94 Press [ON]. You can register the following items.